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The Yoga for Health and Education Trust (YHET) is a not-for-profit company and charity dedicated to bringing yoga to all whether fit and well or disabled. We offer teacher training and courses and yoga classes via our teaching members. Our long term aim is for a residential centre in the heart of England to promote the benefits of yoga to all.

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We welcome new members but you do not need to be a member to attend our events.

Current events and magazine

Highgate House Weekend, Creaton, Northants, 17th-19th April 2015

Highgate House Weekend, Creaton, Northants, 17th-19th April 2015

Our theme this year is Santosha - contentment.

This, our largest annual gathering, represents outstanding value featuring, as always, a choice of general and gentle/remedial yoga options and the chance to work with a variety of experienced teachers.

Enjoy a weekend of posh yoga in a luxurious setting at this award winning hotel.

YHET Members save a further £20 off the price shown below.

Normally £ 240.00
Early bird price £ 220.00
saving 8 % /£ 20.00


YHET Magazine - Spring 2014

YHET Magazine - Spring 2014

This issue is available for everyone to view.

Other issues are only available to logged on YHET members.



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